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Order with delivery to the door

You can order our products in any quantities and for any purchase amount with courier delivery worldwide.

To make an order please contact us and give us full information about your order:

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 Phone: +7(999)909-89-92 (Olesya)
 WhatsApp: +7 (999) 909-89-92 (Olesya)

We need to know about your order the following:

  • What kind of our product do you need?
  • What color would you like?
  • What length do you want?
  • What amount do you need?

Please add other information about your order to the message if necessary.

According to the given information we make an invoice and send it to you to confirm all details. After the confirmation we begin to prepare your order.

If we have all products you ordered in stock, we send you the photo of it.

If you like it, next step is payment

Your order will be sent to your address next working day after we receive the payment. If we don’t have the products you ordered in stock, we would need some time to produce it. Production time depends on the order and in most cases can take from 1 to 3 weeks.

Shipment usually takes 4 working days. We use UPS, DHL, EMS and PonyExpress for shipping.

Prices for shipment to Europe and North America begin from 35$ for first 0,5 kilo and for example for 5 kilos it will about 90$. Shipping to others regions can have a different price.

Please contact us to confirm the shipment price to your country.

Payment options:

Bank transfer

You can make a Bank transfer on our Bank account in $US dollars or in € Euro.

Belli capelli

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 E-mail: bellicapelli@list.ru
 Phone: +7(999)909-89-92 (Olesya)
 WhatsApp: +7 (999) 909-89-92 (Olesya)

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